Mica sheet supplies

We will supply cut mica pieces in all sizes and quantities up to 1200mm x 1000mm in various thicknesses from 0.2mm upwards. We can supply both Phlogopite and muscovite materials and will gladly quote for any quantity.

Flexible mica sheets are useful for lining tubes or wrapping electrical products we carry a stock of Phlogopite flexible mica in 0.3mm thick however we can obtain other thicknesses.

Phlogopite mica sheets this material has a slightly higher temperature capacity however it is not as strong as Muscovite, we carry a stock of 0.3mm thick sheets however we can at short notice obtain many thicknesses.

Muscovite mica sheets have a slightly lower temperature capacity however they are stronger and more rigid in their construction, we carry a varied stock ranging form 0.2mm up to 2mm thick however many thicknesses are available and we can often obtain them at short notice.

The Electric Elements Company